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Victim to Victory: 12 Unbelievable Stories of Heartache

Victim to Victory: 12 Unbelievable Stories of Heartache by Tiana Von Johnson, Bianca Williams, Cynthia Cordero, Fatiemah McGregor, Jeanne Wells-Johnson, Jill Foster, Josianne "Josie" Payoute, Katrina Walker, Kyterrua Wells, Lourdes Cartagena, Nicole Pederson, Priscila Pender, Sanayia Nawmann, Shema Lyons, Spencer St. Fleur, & Venise Lindo taps into the incredible power of the human spirit by sharing real life accounts of women who rose above their own devastating challenges, when nobody believed that it was possible--even them. Each touching testimonial provides an intimate look at the traumatic, and at times, life-threatening experiences that these survivors had to endure, and ultimately transcend for their renewal, healing and transformation. These sweet, brave souls show that with grace and God’s will that people are able to overcome unrelenting obstacles such as generational curses, betrayal and brokenness. Tears will fall as you follow the eye-opening journeys full of secrets and sorrow. These are stories that they never told until now


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