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Ice Cube to meet with Biden to discuss ‘Contract with Black America’

By: Jared Alexander.

he rapper appeared on Ryan Cameron’s uncensored radio show

In a radio show interview, Ice Cube announced plans to meet with President Joe Biden to discuss his “Contract with Black America.”

Launched last summer, Ice Cube penned “The Contract with Black America” for The Hill, an article focusing on the “root causes of racism in our society,” with the goal to “develop a roadmap for a comprehensive solution.” After penning the letter a few months before the 2020 Presidential election, he announced publicly that both Presidential candidates had reached out to him in support.

Now that Biden is officially the President of the United States, the rapper has announced plans to meet with him and his new administration on Ryan Cameron Uncensored.

He explained on the Majic ATL radio show that the Biden admin reached out to him on Tuesday.

“Yesterday they [the Biden Administration] reached out to me…they just reached out, we’ve got to set the meeting…we’re starting to figure out when we can have this meeting and how we are going to have it,” he explained. He also spoke on bringing experts with him to hopefully make some concrete progress in the meeting.

He continued, “I would love to bring in the specialists I have, and the experts I have to see what we can do to start moving this ball down the field.”

He then revealed he hopes to be able to go to D.C. sometime this month and that “he’ll make himself available” for whenever they want to meet with him.

Ice Cube, aside from being an accomplished actor and rapper, is proud of his role as an activist as well. He wrote last summer, “As a writer, rapper, and producer, I have called out police brutality and other injustices for decades. I have been censored, smeared, slammed, and had my life threatened for my work — for speaking the truth.”

You can read Ice Cube’s “The Contract with Black America” here.


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