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41 Little Daily Habits for Growth and Happiness

By: Samy Felice.

There are little things we can do each day to empower our lives for more happiness and fulfillment.

Dr. Glenn Williams, Senior Lecturer in Psychology once said: “It is the small, and often unexpected, pleasures in life that can make us smile each and every day to help us build happier and more meaningful lives for ourselves and for others.”

Below you’ll find a list of the little things that can make a difference to your happiness.

  1. Wake up to a beautiful alarm song or sound – not just a BUZZ

  2. Wake early enough so that you can take your time in the morning

  3. Hydrate yourself slowly with 1 liter of water before your first meal

  4. Meditate for 10 minutes

  5. Pray for other people’s good health

  6. Smile with your Friends and Family

  7. Listen to Soulful Music

  8.  Send a message to a friend you care about

  9.     Think about 1 thing you’re most grateful about

  10.  Share something hilarious with someone

  11.  Walk outside in nature and really take in the surroundings

  12.  Be mindful of how many times you Check Social Media

  13.  Avoid the News first thing in the morning

  14.  Breathe as deeply as you can

  15.  Listen to an educational Audiobook or Podcast

  16.  Read an article or book you find interesting

  17.  Like something great someone’s shared

  18.  Stretch 

  19.  Listen to one song on repeat while working

  20.  Look forward to the moment you find yourself in

  21.  Eating 1 fruit and 1 Vegetable (or more)

  22.  Relax the muscles around your eyes

  23.  Shake someone’s hand with warmth

  24.  Hug someone with love

  25.  Watch a funny video

  26.  Take a short 5 min break for every hour of work done

  27.  Watch a great TV Show or Stand-up

  28.  Send a message of appreciation to someone

  29.  Take notes on 3 things you’ve learned this week

  30.  Journal your thoughts, ideas, and dreams

  31.  Read your goals so that you’re motivated

  32.  Keep track of how much money you’ve spent on Food

  33.  Hanging out with a friend

  34.  Wearing a watch or your favorite piece of sentimental jewelry

  35.  Grooming yourself well

  36.  Dress yourself well

  37.  Read inspiring quotes

  38.  Remind yourself that you’re exactly where you need to be

  39.  Do one kind thing for someone

  40.  Tidy your home so that it’s clutter free

  41.  Eat something you absolutely love


41 Little Daily Habits for Growth and Happiness originally appeared on WordPress Samy Felice


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