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New 'Coming 2 America' trailer features more stars than can fit in Zamunda

By: Drew Weisholtz.

Eddie Murphy is coming to America again. And he’s got company.

Amazon Studios has released the second trailer for “Coming 2 America,” the highly anticipated sequel to the 1988 smash “Coming to America.”

The sequel finds Murphy's Prince Akeem (with Arsenio Hall's loyal Semmi) back in New York City after discovering he may have fathered a child while visiting some 30 years before. The trailer brings back some old favorites, like Saul, Clarence and Morris from the barbershop, who marvel that Akeem returned to their shores even though he doesn’t pay child support.

“No child support for 30 years and you came back?! You’s a dummy,” Morris cackles.

The trailer then follows Akeem as he tracks down his long-lost son to let him know he is the heir to the throne of Zamunda. His son’s mother is played by Leslie Jones, who has trouble wrapping her head around her son’s lot in life.

“He’s supposed to be like the prince of Wakanda,” she says, alluding to “Black Panther.”

“Wakanda is a fictional place,” Akeem replies.

“Not to everybody,” she whispers.

The action then shifts to Zamunda, where things get, umm, interesting. Jones’ character apologizes to Akeem’s wife for sleeping with him, prompting her to say he wasn’t the first man she’s been with.

The bonds of family are further tested with Akeem’s daughter appearing to be upset she cannot rule Zamunda, while a potential coup being issued by a general is teased.

The only thing that may outnumber the jokes in the movie is the number of big stars joining in on the fun.

James Earl Jones, John Amos, Shari Headley and Garcelle Beauvais are among those joining Murphy and Hall in reprising their roles from the original film, while Tracy Morgan, Wesley Snipes, Jermaine Fowler and Jones climb aboard as additions to the cast.

“Coming 2 America” will be available on Prime Video on March 5.

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