Mark Cuban says families should get $1,000 in stimulus checks every two weeks — with one big catch

By: Shawn Langlois.

Billionaire Mark Cuban says it’s time for the government to push “trickle-up economics” to save small businesses, because the Paycheck Protection Program isn’t cutting it. “The only thing that will save businesses is consumer demand,” he wrote in a series of tweets Sunday. “No amount of loans to businesses will save them or jobs if their customers aren’t buying.” To do that, he explained, we have to have a transitional jobs program that trains and hires millions of people for a federal tracking/tracing/testing program, along with support for at-risk populations. “We need to dent unemployment with stable jobs,” Cuban said. He added that while that plan is being implemented, an interim spending stimulus program should be put in place in which 128 million households get a $1,000 check every two weeks for the next two months, along with the rule that it must be spent within 10 days. “Cost about $500b, but it will allow for demand for non essential products and ser